Great Info You'll Need For Success With Your Hobby Foundry.
Gleaned From Decades Of Hands On Metal Casting. 

Want to get serious about your hobby metal casting?
. Well now you can, because we just made it easier for you. What you get here is an A to Z hobby foundry course covering everything that you'll need to know to become a successful hobby metal caster, you will be provided with a huge amount of down to earth hobby foundry info.

We'll show you how to build all of the equipment and tools - we'll teach you about molding methods & techniques - about  the sand - patterns - Ingots - melting - detailed instructions on how to build every bit of gear required in your hobby foundry.

The BPSP course provides hard to find detailed info, but you'll find it all in The Hobby Foundry Blue Print For Success Learning Program, assembled in an easy to follow program for the practical hobby foundry worker.

The Blue Print For Success Program will be your springboard to success, the hobby foundry information delivered within this greatly expanded program is based on our proven down to earth hobby foundry info, enjoyed and employed by so many people from around the globe.

Purchase of this course also includes 12 free months access to the MHF Member area, a saving of $119.64 value for you. MHF provides extra training & learning videos to help increase your metal casting skills.


A Letter From: Col Croucher.
Dear Friend,

We have prepared a down to earth no nonsense hobby foundry learning program for you: The Blue Print For Success Learning Course, it is designed to help you to learn and understand how to build, and operate your own successful hobby foundry.

But first, a brief overview to enable you to choose the best option.

  1. Purchase & Download The Entire Learning Program. All it takes is just a few clicks, and a bit of download time.
  2. Purchase the entire program course on CD ROM. Mail delivery will take about 8 or 10 days, but when your CD arrives, you will be able to learn & advance at your own pace. Only you will know which option is best for you.
No matter which option you choose, all of the lesson material is exactly the same, the only advantage with the download is that it costs less, and you'll be able to download your Foundry course program straight away after the purchase. The CD ROM option costs a little more to cover the production and shipping costs.   

The Blue Print Success learning program is a great way to learn the ropes about hobby metal casting.

The existing curriculum has been revised with new material which includes thirty nine special info & multi-page information sheets of unique foundry information to help you. Including some great little gems, such as crucible sizing charts, a heap of quick reference guide sheets are also included. This material and info has been re-worked, revised, expanded, and includes a new intro section on LFC or lost foam casting... a popular method of making patterns for metal casting.

If like most people in this game, you are a 
practical type & not afraid to roll up the sleeves to have a go, like the people in the former Metal Casting 2008 ebook, or the Hobby Casting Craftsmen, as it is now known, a hugely popular ebook with downloads numbering in the 1000s, it's a great read, and this ebook alone has been the catalyst for many people to try their hand at hobby metal casting, and remember, the people featured in that ebook are just ordinary folks who simply wanted to learn how to cast metal...
And think about this, if they can do it... So can you. 

Is It Possible To Make Some Cash From Your Hobby Foundry?

Well yes, but keep that idea in mind for the future, (We just thought we would mention that aspect of the hobby) but in reality, some of our hobby foundry clients are making and selling lots of unique cast metal products for cold hard cash... Amazing things do happen!

All they did was to discover a small niche product, perfect the product, set up a simple marketing plan, and bingo, they were soon making sales (Kaching$). We are not saying you'll make any money at all, but it is something that you should keep in mind for the future because it really is possible!

One of our Aussie clients makes and sells a small cast aluminium widget which costs peanuts to produce, but he sells the widgets for $42.00 each on eBay... now that's pretty cool considering the product is made from "free" scrap aluminium! For privacy reasons we cant reveal the product, but Tim was very happy about his little foundry product the last time we spoke to him.

The process was simple; he simply set out to learn all he could about the foundry craft, then he applied that knowledge to develop, produce, & sell his product, this home manufactured product makes Tim quite a bit of cash each week! A nice addition on top of his normal salary, money for jam as they say.

The Hobby Foundry Blue Print Success Learning Course.

This program is designed to help you learn about metal casting in as short a time as possible, how successful you become will depend on how much effort you are willing to apply, each lesson module will take you forward "one step at a time" towards your ultimate goal, it does not matter what your day job is, if you want to learn how to do hobby foundry work, we'll show you how, as long as you are willing to learn, and you are keen to have a go.

Perhaps you are involved in some type of profession, and you want to switch off on the weekends, then this is the the metal craft for you. 

We've had people from all walks of life; farmers, vintage car & motorcycle restorers, artist's, electricians, there are also several community based education facilities that use our simple approach to metal casting to teach others, the Coffee County High School in Manchester Tennessee USA have used our instruction manuals to teach their students about metal casting, metal craft artists, musical instrument makers, underwater photographers, yes, I kid you not, there are scientists, & CEO’s of large Corporations, as well as people who work on oil rigs out in the North Sea, military guys on their tour of duty, ultra light aircraft builders... people who want to make special things, and have a desire to learn how to cast metal!

One of the big advantages of producing your own metal castings is the control you have over the entire process, not to mention the money you'll save. Castings can range in weight from just a few grams, up to several KGs, anything from fishing sinker dies, special parts for veteran, vintage & classic car or motorcycle restorations, the sky is the limit!

And to be honest, you'll have fun trying to find a commercial foundry to cast odd bits and pieces for you?

For starters, the cost will astound you if a new pattern is required, but there's absolutely no need to go down that route when you have your own mini foundry, just make  your own pattern, and do your own castings, with a bit of practice, it is almost that easy. 

The other day, a visitor arrived at our little foundry to look at some small cast parts we produced for a classic sports car
restoration; He studied the parts carefully; then said;

"It must be awesome to be able to make things like this". yes sir, it sure is awesome to be able to make things that you just cant buy for love nor money... "This is the really HUGE advantage" of having your own small hobby foundry!"

"You can make things when you want, how you want, as often as you want!"

Watch a short video about hobby foundry - Turn your speakers on.

There are so many possibilities with your hobby foundry.

Most people understand that it's best to begin with small simple projects, then slowly build up to the challenging projects, It's a positive pathway to success, and will help you to avoid gut wrenching failures, but be warned, there will be failures, but don't let that discourage you, the odd failure here and there is often an excellent teacher.

Perhaps today, we'd like to help you to begin a new metal craft journey and show you "How to set up your own hobby foundry".

All you need to do is to choose the learning options that best suit you.

Option 1: Purchase & Down Load The Entire Self Study Course.
The self study course is absolutely fantastic value, and designed for people who are confident to work through the program on an individual basis. Even though there is much to download, the modules are split into four download links in order to access the entire course, just follow the instructions. 

Option 2: CD ROM Study Course.

For those who prefer a CD ROM, the entire course can be supplied CD. Study & learn at your own pace. Just one payment and the program is yours. Study & learn new foundry methods every day, or when you feel the need, if this is what you want, the CD ROM is the way to go, especially if you take your lap top or other mobile device into the workshop to access and refer the material while you work.

The Hobby Foundry Blue Print For Success program will share the knowledge and help guide you along the pathway to success

The Hobby Foundry
Blue Print For Success Program is pure GOLD when it comes to learning the practical knowledge, start using it today. The tools, equipment, techniques & methods we explain are True-Blue Aussie ingenuity which will work anywhere in the world.

  We want to fast track your foundry
success for 2015 and beyond. 

  Direct Download or CD ROM - Which One For You?
(See Below)

Why not take up the challenge, just say maybe, give it a go, join the blue print for success program today... All of this information I am about to share with you worked for me... it'll work for you!

There is something very special about the first time you melt and pour molten metal… even if it's into a simple ingot mould... it's fun... and magic to watch, but at the same time you do have to be extremely careful when working with molten metal, the foundry is not the place to be careless, handling molten metal is a serious business - As we always say... it's safety first!

When You Practice The Methods & Skills Outlined In The Blue Print Success Program, you will:

  • Enjoy the freedom to be a creative metal caster - Once you begin to understand what can be achieved with metal casting, the sky really is the limit.
  • Become a leading light in your hobby - No longer will you have to drool over what other people are creating, now you could be the one that others look up to. Which means no more fence sitting for you, or looking on with envy!
  • Amaze your friends with your latest cast metal creations - They will shake their heads in disbelief as you explain how you made the patterns, ram the sand molds, then melt and pour the metal, you're bound to capture their attention.

  • Your mind will go into overdrive, you'll be thinking about so many different things that you'll want to create - And that is the whole purpose of this hobby, with your metal casting skills, you'll always have the ability to make unique parts & things that are simply not available off the shelf anywhere... unique items that would otherwise cost a small fortune to have made commercially.

    This is what Tim Taft had to say about our hobby foundry info.

    Your hobby foundry info opened up and inspired my
    brain to do more than I've ever dreamed possible.

    Tim Taft USA.

    Read What Glen Had to say about the original hobby foundry ebooks, then just imagine what he might say now about the current Blue Print Success Program?
Hi Col, I purchased your 3-Vol book and received the bonus titles yesterday. I'm finding 'Metal Casting Made Easy' is: Well laid out, easy to follow. And has good informative photo's. Thanks and well done; I'm looking forward to getting set up to do some casting.

Glen Walker. Vic. Australia.


  • The more you learn, the more you'll be able to create - Most people have a deep desire to create, but to nurture creativity, you need special fuel in the form of "knowledge & Info". It's all here, fully assembled and waiting for you to devour. 
  • Become an instant member of MHF Membership (Complimentary & Valued at $9.97 per month) is also automatically granted when you enroll in the Blue Print For Success Program or the CD ROM self study program, enabling you to access more knowledge and learning, including every published edition of the Hot Metal ezine. (86 All told).

  • Why wait any longer to do something you've always wanted to do - Life is short, time is limited, why wait to do something you've been wanting to do for a long, long time.
      Read what Mike Burks said.
Hi Col. Thank you for the foundry ebooks. I'm not only reading your ebook material, but studying it with great care & detail. It's very interesting, and is a delight to read and discover things which were unknown. I'm now planning my future activities in metal casting, beginning with the furnace.
Thank you again and good luck.

Mike Burks. North Texas, USA. 

I should point out to you, that both Glen & Mike bought the original standard ebook package a long, long time ago, with the revision & expanded knowledge base, I would imagine that they would be really over the moon with the new hobby foundry course.

Perhaps you are wondering; "What can I expect to achieve with my metal casting skills?
Read what professional pattern maker Stuart said. 

Most projects begin with a single, simple idea, and that's a great starting point, but it's the knowledge & know how you'll learn that will transform your seed idea into a pattern, then into the sand mould... and finally to melt & pour the aluminium or
bronze.... That will spell success for you.

You'll also find that building your own tools and equipment can be just as much fun as pouring the metal, saving you money, and reaping so much more personal reward, because with every new skill you learn, you'll be banking the skills and use them for the rest of your life!

The Hobby Foundry Blue Print For Success Program Includes A Total Of Twenty Lesson Modules.

The blue print for success-learning program will guide you step-by-step and explain to you in a down to earth manner, a system to make your Metal Casting Hobby easier.

One of the dark secrets of successful metal casting is understanding the principle of setting up the sprue & riser to make sure that the metal feeds into the mould correctly with the right amount of feed metal required during solidification, the highly detailed info & knowledge provided in the Design of Gates & Riser modules will illustrate, and show you how to avoid the pitfalls & traps that can destroy your castings. (Many people seem to get this wrong).

Just about every foundry job requires a pattern. Foundry patterns can be complex, or as simple as you want to make them. But in reality, to make quality timber patterns, you don’t need sophisticated equipment. From the moment you begin to study the methods outlined in the Pattern Making Workshop Practice, you’ll begin to understand how the old masters of the trade produced such awesome hand made foundry Patterns without the aid of CNC machines.

You'll also enjoy studying the special guide manual we put together about LFC or Lost Foam Casting, this will take your thinking outside of the square.

In the module which contains the Decorative Metal Work book won’t have much to do with foundry work, but you'd be surprised how many people actually enjoy learning about this age old craft, it may even press a few buttons and fire your imagination and help you dream up new & unique ideas about how to combine both foundry and Decorative Meta
l Work. 

Included with this book ls a highly detailed Oxy Gas welding Instruction Course, it will help teach you how to master the art of Oxy welding.

Do you realize how much welding courses cost today? ($250 to $480.00)? But we will include the detailed welding lessons FREE, an extremely valuable bonus for you. ($200.00 min Value) 

Included with BPS: A Ton Of Extra Information That You Will Enjoy Reading & Learning From.

We've compiled an extra thirty nine individual technical foundry information PDF documents to compliment the lesson modules, these are all included with the course, not to mention the valuable bonus ebooks will also be included, in fact you'll be getting every ebook we list on during this special hobby foundry course.

And it does not matter if you purchase the Download, or the CD ROM, you receive the same material.

We have packed this course with absolutely every bit of unique hobby foundry information you'll ever need, and that is one of the reasons why it has taken so long to bring it all together for you.
Click Here: Take A Quick Glance At What's Included.

Petro Bond is a favourite choice of molding sand for many people, but you need to know certain things about it to get the very best results, some people have even found it to be quite frustrating to use, while others wouldn’t use anything else. The modules provide an industry standard guide to moulding success with petro-bond sand. ($9.95 Value)

Building your own set of crucible lifting tongs is easy when you know how. During the program, we’ll show you how to make an excellent set of crucible lifting tongs. There is a right and a wrong way to go about this, we'll teach you the right way, use the correct materials, take some pride in your workmanship and they will last for many, many years of hobby metal casting. ($9.95 value)

RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanising) Patterns & Moulds is an excellent technique for reproducing old or broken parts to remake a new pattern. RTV silicone is the wonder material of the 21st century; it is used widely in many types of industrial applications. The foundry industry quickly realized it's huge potential in the reproduction of patterns and moulds. You’ll learn how you can combine this RTV material and ordinary automotive body filler to make repro patterns to great effect. ($9.95 Value.)

Cope & Drag Mould Boxes. (Flasks). Foundry work requires good quality sand to be rammed into mould boxes or flasks as they are commonly called. They are essential to be able to make good quality sand moulds. We’ll show how the home fabricator can build high quality, robust mould boxes with excellent cope & drag registration. The cost of home built items is but a fraction of the cost of commercial flasks or mould boxes. ($9.95 value)

Hot wire foam cutter: This essential if you want to venture into lost foam molding. You will be provided with complete instructions on how to build your own professional style foam cutter. The foam cutter will enable high quality styrene foam patterns to be quickly made. Accurate cut & finished foam patterns will result in good quality castings. ($9.95 Value)

Instant Calculation & Conversion Software: Just the thing
If you hate maths & calcs. This cool software prgram will convert and calculate with a click of the mouse. It is really simple to install and dead easy to use. All you need to do is input the value of whatever you want to calculate or convert, and the program will give you the instant answer in the blink of an eye. ($9.95 Value)

MHF Membership Bonus:
When you join our program, we’ll also grant you instant "Lifetime Access" To the resources of The MHF Member Area. Access to the member area is 24/7, you are provided with signup and login details after you enroll… login at any time to read and learn more about hobby foundry work, membership is ONLY available to myfoundrycoach & myhomefoundry customers, a special reward for loyal customers. Valued at $9.95 per month... our gift to you.

Plus; we will include the following extra bonuses for you!

  • The Hobby Foundry Mind Map: Yes, this feature is brand NEW & exclusive to, a unique mind map to help as you progress along your journey, a quick look at the mind map from time to time will show exactly where you are at any particular time, it is an invaluable tool. ($20.00 value).
  • Special Foundry Overview Manual: A seven page manual which provides a short summary overview of what foundry work is all about, reading this will help to put things in perspective before you begin. ($15.00 value).

  • Huge Collection Of Foundry Info Reference Sheets: As mentioned previously, we've put together a treasure trove of foundry info sheets (39 in all) they represent a valuable collection of very important reference sheets, the info sheets with the course. Information you can use as you progress through your foundry journey. ($388.00 Value).
  • Crucible Size & Capacity Chart: This chart provides a reference of crucible dimensions & capacity, invaluable when you need to know what size crucible you'll want for your set up.
  • Furnace Firebrick Info Sheet: Learn about the values & characteristics of firebricks and the materials they are made of, handy info if you ever want to build a charcoal fired cupola furnace.

    Total Value Of Additional Material & Bonuses: $512.65.
    An awesome bonus bundle.

The Blue Print For Success Hobby Foundry Program is
the culmination of many years of hobby foundry work. But
just to make sure that you'll be happy, we also offer you
our money back Guarantee.

We Back Our Products With A
  Cast Iron Guarantee.

Try it out for 30 days, no obligation, if you are not satisfied, we'll refund your money, no questions asked, and you get to keep the lessons & special info sheets you've already received, we can't be any fairer than that.

  You could begin today, everything is ready and waiting for you to download.

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Get everything you need in one scoop, the Blue Print Success Hobby Foundry Learning course on CD ROM. Just one payment of $149.95 and we'll ship your order that same day, but not on weekends.

Can You Really Afford NOT To Invest In The “Hobby Foundry Blue Print For Success Learning Program”.

We've worked really hard to keep the cost of this large course as reasonable as possible while still presenting great learning value.

You'd be hard pressed to find another hobby foundry course on the internet like the
Blue Print For Success Hobby Foundry Learning Program... it is unique.

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Either way, don't you owe it to yourself to at least try the Hobby Foundry Blue Print For Success
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Col Croucher.
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